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Wire Mesh Filter

Our wire mesh filter has two types including perforated and woven. It also named: filter wire mesh disc, edge stainless steel filter disc, micron stainless steel filter wire mesh, circular wire mesh filter, cone filter, cylinder filter, customized stainless steel alumin filter wire mesh disc with edging, filter for coffee or tea, filter for filtration, fine wire mesh filter, filters wire mesh for oil liquid water, fuel filters discs, large diameter stainless steel wire mesh filter, solid particle stainless steel filter wire mesh, wire mesh process filter, etc.

Product advantages

v Heat resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance and wear.

v Accurate and stable filtering rate.

v High mechanical strength .

v Easy to clean.

v Suitable for cutting, bending, stamping, drawing, welding and other processing conditions.


Wire Mesh Filter

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Product Description

Wire mesh filter material usually is stainless steel, other material also could be produced as client’s request. Stainless steel filter mesh is the most popular item for its good properties in resisting high temperatures, corrosions and deformation. About this type product, we need know complete information so that we could supply suit specification and quote best price for you reference. The complete information should including as below, Raw material Wire diameter/plate thickness Hole aperture size Dimensions size Quantity Sampe photo or drawing picture Application: filter, screen, fence, etc

        Filter mesh      flat basket for frying food        

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