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Wire Backed Silt Fence

Wire Backed Silt Fence for sediment control consists of a high-quality woven geotextile with ultraviolet stabilizers to resist degradation caused by exposure to sunlight. Wire Backed Silt Fence has filter fabric attached to wire mesh for added support.

Product advantages

v Easy Installation.

v Effective Containment of Silt and Sediment.

v Helps Prevent Erosion.


Wire Backed Silt Fence

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Wire Backed Silt Fence

Fabric Materials

100% PP with UV

Fabric Weight

70g, or 100g

Mesh Materials

Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Wire

Wire Gauge

12.5gauge, or 14.5 gauge,

Mesh Size

2"x4" , or 4"x4"

Roll Width

24'', 36'', or 48''

Roll Length

100ft, or 300ft, etc.


Black or Orange


       Silt fence is a severe duty reinforced type of silt fence.

       Silt fence in kit form is for customers' convenience.

       Silt fence utilizes the latest in erosion control technologies.

       Silt fence is available in varying fabric heights and length.

       Silt fence is able to have stakes attached in different intervals based on the job as required.

       Silt fence is lightweight, easy to handle and some times reusable.

       The installation of silt fence does not require any specialized tools or specialized experience.

       Silt fence can be used with sorts of accessories for working efficiently.


       Silt control at construction sites

       Required in some jurisdictions

       Mount on t-post around perimeter

       Easily attached to existing wire site fences

Wire Backed Silt Fence application  Wire Backed Silt Fence applications


Roll bulk packing, or by pallets

  Wire Backed Silt Fence  Wire Backed Silt Fence packing

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