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Brick Wall Reinforcing Mesh

Masonry mesh, also called masonry wall reinforced mesh, is used for concrete construction reinforcement, normally used for the wall reinforcement. It is a welded and fabricated steel reinforcing structure which is laid in the bed joint to strengthen masonry panels without thickening the wall. It can prevent or reduce cracking in walls by bonding the masonry units together so as to strengthen the masonry panel where it is installed.

Product advantages

v High rigidity, strength and stability.

v Welding spots of warp wire and weft wire are on the same surface.

v Continuous length of joint reinforcement.

v Corrosion and rust resistant.

v Durable and long service life.


Brick Wall Reinforcing Mesh

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Product Description

Variety according to shapes

Different materials and surface treatment:

■ Ladder mesh:

Ladder mesh width: 4" – 16".

Light ladder mesh: wire 9 ga. side rods × 9 ga. cross rods.

Heavy ladder mesh: 3/16" side rods × 9 ga. cross rods.

Super heavy duty ladder mesh: 3/16" side rods × 3/16" cross rods.

Standard length: 10' (3.05m).

ladder mesh

■ Truss mesh reinforcement

Wire diameter: 2.5mm - 8.0mm.

Standard length: 3.05m.

Width: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm.

Type: two longitudinal rods; three longitudinal rods; four longitudinal rods.


■ T shape masonry mesh

Wire diameter: 2.5mm - 8.0mm.

Typical use: it can be used for brick wall corner reinforcement because of its typical T shape.

T shape masonry mesh

■ Brick welded mesh

Wire diameter: 2.5mm - 8.0mm.

Length: as your requirement.

Typical use: in rolls, it can be cut and bent easily.

brick welded mesh roll

■ Expanded Metal Reinforcement

SWD x LWD: 15x25mm

Width: 65mm, 100mm, 175mm, 225mm, 300mm

Length: 20m

Expanded Metal


1. 50 pieces per bundle, 20 bundles per pallet. (North America market)

2. 25 pieces per bundle, 40 bundles per pallet. (Europe market)

Truss mesh reinforcement packing  Ladder mesh packing


Truss mesh reinforcement  Expanded Metal Reinforcement

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