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Tomato Cage

Tomato Cage is also called Wire Planting Support, Tomato Planting Stick, tomato cage, tomato frame, garden tomato cage plant support, wire planting support.

Tomato cages give the plants nature support, made them growing under control. They make the plants less susceptible to pests and diseases since the fruits are usually off the ground.

Product advantages

v Heavy-duty gauge with large height and top ring diameter for ample growing needs.

v Galvanized wire that is powder-coated over top for rust-resistance.

v Vertical support for vegetable plants.


Tomato Cage

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Product Description


Galvanized wire, powder coating wire


30in x 18in, 33in x12in, 42in x 14in, 54in x 16in

Wire Diameter:

Gauge 9, 10,11 or as required


Cone tomato cage


2 Rings, 3 Rings, 4 Rings


3Legs, 4 Legs

Surface: electric galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, powder coated, PVC coated;

Color: Green, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, etc

Tomato CageTomato Planting Sticktomato frame


10pcs or 25pcs per bundle, then with film bulk packing, or by pallet.

Wire Planting Support  Tomato Planting Stick 


1)    Easy to install

2)    Keep the plants healthy and upright

3)    Take up less space

4)    Strong and long lasting


Tomato Cage application  Tomato Planting Stick application

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