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Ladder Mesh

Ladder Mesh is also named Block Truss Wire Mesh, Masonry Reinforcement Mesh.

Masonry horizontal joint reinforcement mesh includes ladder-type and truss type. Ladder type reinforcements are designed to be embedded in the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls. It consists of two parallel side rods with cross rods forming a ladder configuration. Truss type reinforcement designed to be embedded masonry wall. It consists of 2 side-rods welded to a continuous diagonal formed cross-rod forming a truss design. 

Product advantages

v Reinforces a variety of masonry walls.

v Reduces cracking.

v Increases lateral flexural strength.

v Increases elasticity.


Ladder Mesh

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Variety according to shapes


Ladder mesh reinforcement

  • Wire diameter: 2.5mm - 8.0mm.
  • Standard length: 10' (3.05m).
  • Width: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm.
  • Cross wires are 300mm to 400mm apart.


Truss mesh reinforcement

  • Wire diameter: 2.5mm - 8.0mm.
  • Standard length: 3.05m.
  • Width: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm.

Size details: Normally 3 meters long, the space distance is 40cm, and with different width. 

Standard Length





Welded after hot dipped galvanized

Welded after electro galvanized

Welded before electro galvanized

Welded before hot dipped galvanized

Stainless Steel





All products conform to:

ASTM A641 - (Electro galvanized )

ASTM A153 Class B2 - (Hot dipped after fabrication)

ASTM A 82 - (Cold drawn steel wire)

ASTM A951-96 - (Masonry wall reinforcing)

ASTM 580 Type 304 - (Stainless steel)



It is used for concrete construction reinforcement, normally used for the wall reinforcement. It is a welded and fabricated steel reinforcing structure which is laid in the bed joint to strengthen masonry panels without thickening the wall. It can prevent or reduce cracking in walls by bonding the masonry units together so as to strengthen the masonry panel where it is installed.

Ladder MeshBlock Truss Wire Mesh

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