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Machine Perimeter Guarding

Maintaining the safety of your employees around machinery is paramount to the success of your business. Enzar Metal Machine Guarding from Folding Guard not only protects your staff, but it can also help lower your cost of doing business by maintaining productivity and reducing downtime.

Our modular system consists of three system heights, multiple styles of doors and over 20 pre-fabricated wire mesh panel sizes. All pieces assemble and install precisely and easily. You’ll enjoy worker safety, less downtime and compliance with federal safety regulations when you use our goods to fulfill all of your machine guarding needs.

Product advantages

v Structural Integrity.

v Our framed welded mesh that bolts into our posts gives superior strength and stability.

v Modular System.

v The system consists of standard panels available in a variety of widths and heights.

v We keep a large stock of our standard components in-house to ensure quick shipping for your urgent safety needs.

v Economical alternative to permanent walls.

v Combines security, strength, and flexibility.


Machine Perimeter Guarding

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An all-steel, modular system of panels, posts, and hinged doors protect machinery, employees and visitors. Easy to assemble with interchangeable panels and posts. 10 Gauge or 8 Gauge welded wire mesh with 1 1/4" x 21/2" grid openings welded to 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 14 Gauge steel tube or steel angle frames.

Panel size:

2ftx5ft, 2ftx7ft, 3ftx5ft, 3ftx7ft, 4ftx5ft, 4ftx7ft, 5ftx5ft, 5ftx7ft, 8ftx5ft

welded panel

Post size:

Machine guard line post: 2inch 6ft, 8ft.

Offset Wire Partition post: 2inch, 8ft.

Wire Partition Corner Post: 2inch, 6ft.

 mechine guard post


Machine Guard Hinged Door: 4ft x 7ft or 3ft x 7ft.

Welded Wire Door: 4ft x 5ft.

Machine Perimeter Guarding door


Machine guard  machine guard is used in factory

Machine guard  machine guard

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