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Welded Steel Bar Grating

For more than 10 years, Enzar Metal has been manufacturing Welded Steel Bar Grating and provides superior solutions to engineer and architects challenged with specifying the ideal industrial flooring, security or processed application products to all over the world. Welded Steel Bar Grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost efficient production and easy installation. Widely used in most general industrial facilities as well as commercial buildings, it has numerous applications such as walkways, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers, and so on.

Product advantages

v Steel grating has light weight, good strength, large carrying capacity and can save materials and cost. It offers good ventilation of light and wind, a modern sense, aesthetic appearance and anti-skid safety. It is also easy to clean, easy to installation and durable for uses

v Adaptable to cost effective custom fabrication.

v Lightweight design provides high strength to weight ratio.

v Long life span requiring little maintenance.


Welded Steel Bar Grating

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steel grating

Bar Grating consists of a series of bearing bars welded at various spacing to perpendicular cross bars to build a load-bearing panel. Typical panel configuration has bearing bars that are spaced 30mm (center to center) with perpendicular cross bars spaced 100mm apart (center to center). Other spacings are available to meet your loading and open area requirements. Uses include ground mats and transformer pit covers for the electrical substation industry; trench grating covers for the automotive industry; walkways for aggregate conveyor systems; wet drainage applications at poultry plants and wastewater facilities.

welded stee bar grating

Raw Materials

In our warehouse, we stock a huge volume of flat bars, sheet metal and wire rods ready for steel bar grating manufacturing. This situation challenges our capacity of cash flow, but it significantly helps us in reacting to order process performance and give firm promise to quality assurance.

welded stee bar grating       welded stee bar grating

welded stee bar grating       welded stee bar grating

Fused Press Welding Machines

Welded steel bar grating is the most common available grating type on the market. It is manufactured by a fused welding process. Crossbars are fused and pressed to bearing bars to form a permanent joint. They are economical, yet durable for most applications. In Enzar Metal, we have 5 sets of fused press welding machines along with a series of twisted bar drawing machines, flat bar shearing machines, cutting & sawing machines and spot welding work bench, which means five lines of manufacturing systems are ready for producing high quality products anytime for your order. Our max. production capacity can reach 100 tons per day.


bar grating cutting machines        fused press welding machine 

fused press welding machine        fused press welding machine


bar grating cutting machines        bar grating further fabrication

Hot Dipped Galvanized Treatment

 We are running HDG workshop with strong capacity for our bar grating and other steel and mesh products. We work excellent in both environment protection and products quality.

bar grating        bar grating

 welded steel bar grating

We carry large stock of welded steel bar grating in various specifications. Specially, some of the stock is unfinished in black. HDG process will be processed instantly for shipping.

bar grating packing        bar grating packing

bar grating packing        bar grating packing

welded steel bar grating



Bearing Bar Type

Flat Bar, I-Bar, Serrated Bar, etc..

Bearing Bar Size

20x5mm, 25x3mm, 35x5mm, 40x5mm, 50x5mm, 60x5mm, etc..

Bearing Bar Spacing

20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 33mm, 40mm, 43mm or multiplier.

Cross Bar Type

Twisted Steel Rod, Flat Bar

Cross Bar Size

6mm, 8mm, 10mm or thicker

Cross Bar Spacing

50mm or 100mm

Bearing Bar Length

Customerized from 1000mm to 6000mm or more

Cross Bar Length

Under 1200mm

Material Grade

Mild Steel(Q235B), Stainless Steel 304 or 316, etc.

Treatment Available

Hot dipped Galvanized, Anodized, Polished and Powder Coated

All our products are equivalent or exceeds major international standard. We follow the standards in our manufacturing and processing as below.



Steel Grating Standard

Steel Material Standard

HDG Coating Standard












BS EN10025



ASl 657-2013



welded steel bar grating

Bar Grating Fixing

Welded Steel Bar gratings can be installed in two methods:

Welding is advisable for permanent use free of removing/dismantling. Bar Grating will be welded to the supporting frame (angle steel, I steel or other structural steel) at each corner. Fillet weld is required when weld length more than 20mm and height more than 3mm.


Installation Clips will not destroy the zinc coating and be easy to remove. Each panel requires at least four installation clips. For the larger panels preferably some more clips are needed to fix to the proper support frame.

bar gratng intallation clipbar gratng intallation clip     bar gratng intallation clip

Installation Frames

Frames provide a uniform bearing surface for all our grating products and help eliminate the potential for rocking or irregular elevations experienced when only covers are installed on poured concrete. All frames are available in four sided in one piece made of angle steel and processed with regular treatment, like HDG.

grating frame chart        grating frame chart

grating frame chart        grating frame chart

welded steel bar grating

Walkways & Ramps

Enzar Metal welded steel bar grating is used for walkways, platforms and stairways, providing safe access solutions in any industry.

bar grating walk ways        bar grating walk ways

bar grating walk ways        bar grating walk ways

Stairways & Stair Tread

Enzar Metal stair treads are made from our high-quality fused press welded bar grating and fabricated by excellent workmanship. Please send your specific requirements to us about your stair tread demand. Various tread types and sizes are available from us, which are equivalent to webforge stair treads T1, T2, T3, T4, or etc..

bar grating stairs        bar grating stairs

bar grating stairs        bar grating stairs

Platform& Flooring

Enzar Metal bar grating provides a safe working surface that allows light and air to penetrate in process or treatment plants, on platforms, around air conditioning systems and for any application where maintenance access is required. It can be also used as commercial and industrial flooring material in some certain applications.

bar grating platforms flooring       bar grating platforms flooring

bar grating platforms flooring        bar grating platforms flooring

bar grating platforms flooring        bar grating platforms flooring

Safety & Fencing Barrier

Bar grating fence is another stronger way comparing to wire mesh fence, even it has no advantage in pricing. 

bar grating fence        bar grating fence

Welded Steel Bar Grating        bar grating fence

Drainage Cover

In both industrial and commercial drainage system, bar grating is widely applied. We are also capable of some special design in stainless steel material for indoor usage, which requirements are more critical and needs better surface finishing.

Welded Steel Bar Grating        Welded Steel Bar Grating

Welded Steel Bar Grating        Welded Steel Bar Grating

Tree Guard

Bar Grating is the regular material to protect the soil around trees.

Welded Steel Bar Grating        Welded Steel Bar Grating

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