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If you want to buy Welded Mesh Fence, Chain Link Fence, Curved Fence Panel ,welcome to our company.

Enzar Metal is experienced in welded wire mesh fence products. We are one of the largest manufacturers of welded wire mesh fence in North China. In this page, you can find all the details of our welded wire mesh fence products, including curved fence panel (3D fence panel), double wire fence panel (2D fence panel), high security fence panel (358 fence panel), fence gate, temporary/mobile fence, chain link fence, barbed/razor wire. All specifications and quality will be introduced to you with very professional presentation.

Welded wire mesh fence is referred to a series of fencing products made of high quality low carbon steel wire along with post and accessories, functioned as a whole system. The system is worked as the fencing of different buildings and zones, providing protection, security, access control, partition and decoration with many styles. They can be used extensively in fencing parks, public facility buildings, private houses, supermarkets, factories, sports facilities and so on. We are proud that our high quality fencing products are purchased and installed in many countries, such as Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, etc.. We offer five years guarantee to our customers. After years of using, customer comments free of negative feedback make us grow fast and steady.

Product advantages

v Used for fencing parks, schools, sport stadium, public buildings, factories, airports, military sites.

v Used as fencing, decoration or protection for various facilities in industry, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc.

v Easily Assembled, Eco Friendly...