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Earth Anchor Ground Screw

Ground screw system is a modern foundation system,using the drilling machine to install which makes it as the most efficient and cost-saving footing solution.It can be widely applied to different soil conditions. 

Product advantages

installed in a matter of minutes without digging and concrete.

v more efficiency, lower cost, low labor strength.

v operated precisely, flexible during drilling process.

v no negative effects on landscape, no damaging on surrounding area.


Earth Anchor Ground Screw

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Usual type: 1600 /1800 /2000mm ( 550mm-4000mm )

Outer Diameter

 48 /60 /68 /76 / 89 /114mm

Pipe thickness

2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 3.75 / 4.0 mm




Q235 ISO630 Fe A / DIN EN10025Fe 360 B

Surface Treatment

Hot dip galvanized to DIN EN ISO 1461-1999.

Top Design

Bolt, flange ( or 3*M16), U type plate

Screw spacing

40 / 60 mm


on steel pallet ,in carton or as your request

 Ground screw systemGround screw system (2)application

1.   Timber Construction; 

 2.   Solar Power Systems; 

 3.   City and Parks; 

 4.   Fencing Systems; 

 5.   Road and Traffic; 

 6.   Sheds and Containers; 

 7.   Flag Poles and Marks; 

 8.   Garden and Leisure; 

 9.   Boards and Banners; 

10.  Event Structures.


by steel pallet with PVC firm, by carton, or as the your requirement.

Earth Anchor Ground Screw  Ground screw system packing

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