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Ladder Conveyor Belts

Ladder conveyor belts are composed of cross rods jointed by S-shaped hooks, chain links and U-shaped links. The belts with links are secured by welding a ring to the cross rod for containing the integrity of the ladder conveyor belts.

Ladder conveyor belts mechine  Ladder Conveyor Belts rolls

Product advantages

v Positively sprocket driven belt.

v Straight-running or radial applications.

v Flat carrying surface

v High tensile strength rods

v Easy to assemble and disassemble.

v Popularly used in baking industry.

v Thorough cleaning.

v Minimum maintenance.


Ladder Conveyor Belts

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 Carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel.


 Standard, curved


 from less than 1 m/min to 20 m/min. (High speed quicker than 20 m/min may affect the longevity of the conveyor belt).

Temperature range:

 -100 °C to 300 °C.

Edge type:

 S-hook edge, chain link edge, U-shaped link edge.

Flat flex conveyor belt:

 straight, curved, convex, concave.

Opening area:


Wire diameter: 



 4.24mm-20.32mm. Other pitches can be customized.

Belt width:

 76.2mm to 4267.2mm or custom width as your request.

Edge type:

 single loop edge, double loop edge, C-shaped loop edge.



  ● Cooking                                              ● Heating                                                  Packaging.

   Drainage                                                 Cooling                                                 Freezing

   Washing                                                  Elevating 

Ladder Conveyor Belts for bread Ladder Conveyor Belts for eggs

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