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Wire Baskets

Metal baskets referring to a metal mesh with openwork pattern, are generally used to contain a wide range of items for washing, sterilization, storing, shopping as well as rinsing. 

Product advantages

v Quality stainless steel or chrome / nickel plated steel.

v High rigidity that will not easy to bend and deform.

v More sophisticated and organic design.

v Long lifespan with great rust and corrosion resistance.


Wire Baskets

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product details

We specialize in complete design & fabrication of different types of wire & sheet metal formed products, ranging from wire baskets to grills. In our factory, we are capable of bending, cutting, bending, stamping, drilling & perforating and all kinds of welding works.  Except for the fabrication capacity, we are experienced in the surface treatment to the customer-made products, such as hot dipped galvanized, powder coating, oil painting, polishing, etc.. Relying our precise machines and perfect workmanship, we convert very design to a real product. Every welding point will be well treated in our factory.

Stainless Steel Cooling Racks     Surgical Instrument Trays     Sterilization Wire Basket

Stainless Steel Cooling Racks                 Surgical Instrument Trays                       Sterilization Wire Basket

Fine mesh basket      Endoscope Basket   Wire Storage Basket

Fine mesh basket                              Endoscope Basket                                    Wire Storage Basket

Wire Shopping Basket    Wire Display Basket    Round Wire Basket

Wire Shopping Basket                         Wire Display Basket                             Round Wire Basket

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