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Other Wire Mesh Products

China Welded Wire Mesh Containers, Window Screen, Woven Wire Mesh, Wire Mehs Filter. Welcome to do business with us.

We specialize in complete design & fabrication of different types of wire & sheet metal formed products, ranging from wire baskets to grills. In our factory, we are capable of bending, cutting, bending, stamping, drilling & perforating and all kinds of welding works.  Except for the fabrication capacity, we are experienced in the surface treatment to the customer-made products, such as hot dipped galvanized, powder coating, oil painting, polishing, etc.. Relying our precise machines and perfect workmanship, we convert very design to a real product. Every welding point will be well treated in our factory.

All these capacity helps us a lot in developing any wire & sheet metal products in irregular shape for different applications, like shelving, shopping basket, kitchen basket and screen, outdoor furniture, filter elements and so on.

Product advantages

v Our company produce various specifications,models as per standards

v To provide quality low-cost custom services

v The best performance cost

v Extremely versatile