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Machine Guarding

Release Date: 2020-07-28

Machine guarding, a necessary safety feature on or around manufacturing or engineering equipment as covering, shields or partition barriers. It can protect workers or machine operators from hazardous parts and areas. Besides, it can reduce accident injuries caused by chips or sparks from exiting the machine.

What types of machine guarding?

Point guarding On the Machine

Point machine guards are physical barriers, which are installed onto moving parts on a machine that present a hazard to the machine operator or others who may come in contact with the hazard. Machine guards can prevent the operator from having any part of his/her body in the danger zone during operating cycle.

Perimeter Guarding Surround the Machine

Perimeter guarding, strong, economical and effective perimeter barrier, is widely used in workshop and other machine operating places for simple and effective protection. It can protect personnel or operators from dangers posed by automated equipment.

Perimeter guarding is a modular system of wire mesh panels, posts, doors and ample options. You can purchase all necessary components from here.

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