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Masonry wall reinforced mesh

Release Date: 2020-06-19

Masonry wall reinforced mesh, also called masonry mesh, is used for concrete constructions to strengthen the structure. It is widely used in concrete wall reinforcing to prevent or reduce the cracking of the wall. And our products can increase the strength of your wall without increasing the thickness. Our masonry wall reinforced mesh with high tensile strength and good tenacity can be bent without damaged. T shaped masonry wall reinforced mesh is suitable for corner construction. In addition, our masonry mesh products with galvanized surface treatment are not easy to be corroded and rusted in the concrete constructions. It has long service life.

We provide ladder mesh, truss mesh and T shape masonry mesh mainly. We also have expanded metal mesh as masonry wall reinforced mesh.


·         High strength, rigidity and stability.

·         Corrosion resistance, rust resistance.

·         High tensile strength, good tenacity.

·         Durable, long service life.


Various types masonry wall reinforced mesh can be used in the wall, corner of wall, and any parts to make it become more stable.

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