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Why we need machine guarding?

Release Date: 2020-05-22
Machine guarding, a necessary safety feature on or around manufacturing or engineering equipment as covering, shields or partition barriers. It can protect workers or machine operators from hazardous parts and areas. Besides, it can reduce accident injuries caused by chips or sparks from exiting the machine.

Why we need machine guarding?

Comply with local law and council requirement. The department of labour in more and more countries has issued relevant law to reduce the unacceptably high level of fatal and serious harm injuries associated with unsafe use of machinery.

Standardized production process. machine parts, function and process may call injury during production. Machine guarding standardizes production process and reduces the likelihood that an accident will occur because of mechanical failure, human error, electrical failure or poor design. Moreover, less accident occur, higher production efficiency.

Personnel safety protection. Workers or operators are dangerous when operating the working machine. Amputations, lacerations, crushing injuries and abrasions can be severe or even fatal if there is without machine guards. Machine guarding can not only protect people far from dangerous areas but also avoid potential injuries caused by chips or sparks.

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