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Tube Extruder Screen

Release Date: 2020-04-01

Tube Extruder Screen is available in single or multilayer cylindrical screen packs in different materials like G. I & S. S Wire Mesh and Different size as per requirement. The Cylindrical / Tube Extruder Screen is widely used in various sectors for different applications including Plastic & Rubber Plant Machinery. Metal Mesh Extruder Screen is durable and strong that makes the screen more effective.

Cylindrical screen filters may be in one layer as well as multilayer. The benefit of cylindrical or tube screen is simple technology, good air permeability, even filtration, no leakage, good reproducibility , quick recovery rate ,convenient installation, high efficient, long working time.

Tube Filter Screen Size: Diameter 10-200mm, Height 10-2000mm.

Used In the following fields:

•Film coating


•Filtration in Industries like Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber and Plastic Industries.

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