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BRC fence / Roll Top Fencing

Release Date: 2020-02-12

BRC fence is a kind of welded wire fence in fence product series. BRC fence also called roll top fence in some region.


BRC fence is kind of economic products in fence series. This type of fence is much cheaper than 358 mesh fence and steel palisade fencing, etc. Of course, the security function is not like others. The V clips is also another factor to make it economic.


BRC fence is a kind of see through panel in welded fencing series. It’s very easy to see what’s in another side of the fence. If you want to show your garden or building to the people, BRC fence is a good choice, but if you need privacy to protect, maybe BRC is not a good choice.


BRC fence usually be used in parking area, park or some other area in the city. Some engineer designed the BRC fence used to be as temporary protection such as in a building floor during construction. Sky hall provide all kinds of BRC fence with different specs. Need more information? Contact us!

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