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Arch top garden fencing

The arch top design of the border fencing suits most domestic and commercial gardens. It is an attractive, decorative fencing ideal for garden borders, allotments, lawn edges, pathways and other garden features. 

Product advantages

v This pvc garden fencing is attractive and functional.


v Self supporting spiked legs.

v Ideal for edging borders and paths.


Arch top garden fencing

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Material: Mild Steel and PVC.

Finish: galvanized core wire, green PVC coating.

Hole size: 150mm x 80mm, 150mm x 90mm.

Roll Height: 250mm; 400mm; 660mm; 915mm…

Roll Length: 10m, 25m…

Arch top garden fencing is available in other roll lengths and heights subject to sufficient order quantity. Please contact us is you have a requirement for an alternative size.

Arch top garden fencing Arch top garden fencing roll

Our arch top garden fencing consists of a galvanized steel core wire which is then coated with green PVC. The green coated wire is twisted together for added rigidity. The mesh has an arched edge at the top, and spikes at the bottom of the roll designed to be stuck into the ground. The mesh is not freestanding, and requires the support of a post every couple of meters.



arch top garden fencing packing  Plastic film


The base of the roll has wires that can be pushed into the ground, but we advise stakes should also be used to keep the mesh taut and upright.

Decorative Wire Border Fence for Garden    garden fencing

    Arch top garden fencing for grassland                  Arch top garden fencing for flowers plants

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