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Wire mesh decking for pallet racking

Release Date: 2019-03-14

Wire Mesh Decking is designed to provide additional safety for pallet rack application throughout your warehouse. It is the most common pallet racking accessory, which is made of welded steel mesh. Support channel is welded to the bottom of the deck span between pallet rack beams and carry the weight of the load. Wire decking is easy to install, just place them on the beams of your storage system.

Features and Benefits:
• Stocked in two styles: flared channel and step channel
• Both flared and step have a waterfall design and U-channel supports, the difference is how the supports are designed
• Step channel wire decking has channels designed to set down into 1-5/8” standard step beam
• Flared channel wire decking has channels that are pressed or flattened on the ends to set down on the top of the beam. It offers universal fit. It works with step beams, box beams and structural channel beams

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