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Chicken wire

Release Date: 2019-02-26

Chicken wire, also called poultry mesh or rabbit fence, is a kind of light hexagonal wire netting. Chicken wire is corrosion and rust resistant. Besides, it's featured by high tensile strength and long service life. This kind of poultry wire is widely used for animal fencing and garden fencing. In addition, it also can be used with field fence or welded wire fence for plant fencing and crop fencing. And our hot product is the black vinyl chicken wire. Except for this steel poultry net, plastic poultry netting is also available.


According to the materials, chicken wire mesh comes in four types: galvanized wire chicken mesh, stainless steel wire netting, PVC coated green wire netting and brass chicken fence.


Galvanized wire chicken mesh is mainly used in the garden for bird protection. In which, 13 mm hole is used to make fruit cages and sculpture, 25-50 mm hole for poultry enclosures, garden borders and bird protection, 31 mm - 50 mm hole for rabbit protection.


PVC coated chicken mesh is used in the garden or agricultural use. Its core wire is commonly 17 or 19 gauge galvanized wire.


Stainless steel wire netting can be made to poultry or small animals housing, or used in agricultural, walkways, wooden bridges.

Chicken wire fences have the features of robust construction, the surface smooth, good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.

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