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Perforated Baking Trays

Release Date: 2018-11-30

Brief Introduction :
1. Material: 304 stainless steel
2. Size: 635mm(L) x 470mm(W) x 20mm(H)
3. Thickness of Sheet: 1.2mm
4. Hole Size: 5mm or customized
5. Load Weight:3-5kg

Specification of Stainless Steel Drying Tray : 

1. Material: stainless steel plate ,low-carbon steel plate ,galvanized plate ,aluminium plate


2. Size:
600X400X15mm 600X400X20mm
600X400X30mm 675X435X15mm
650X450X20mm 720X460X20mm
762X465X30mm 800X600X30mm

Or customized


3. Thickness of plate: 0.5-5.0mm

4. Hole size: 3*3mm ,5*5mm ,6*6mm ,8*8mm ,10*10mm or customized


Application of Perforated Metal Sheet Tray :

-Adopt stainless steel material, the surface processing electrolytic polishing processing, durable, bright as a mirror, no rust, no variant.
-Using the micro resistance welding and seamless welding technology, make the product without solder joints, welding injury, no burrs, no loss, safe use.
-Grid design for water or steam penetration, guarantee the cleaning and sterilization effect. 

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