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Stainless Steel Extruder Screens

Extruder screens are an imperative part of the melt filtration process. It is used in plastic and rubber processing machinery to ensure a clean and viable extrusion. Our wire cloth screen for extruder filtration available in various materials, weaves all with a wide spectrum of micron ratings to suit different filter use.

Product advantages

v Very durable and strong.

v Corrosion resistance.

v Flexible, used in extrusion process or filtration process.

v High flow rates at very low pressure drops.

v Capacity of high dirt holding.

v Wear-resisting, heat-resisting and alkali-resisting.

v Packaged to customer specifications.


Stainless Steel Extruder Screens

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Material: SS302, SS304, SS404L, SS316, SS316L, Monel400, Hastelloy alloy. Stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel sintered felt, sintered wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire, brass wire, Iron wire cloth etc.

Type: variety of different shapes, different floors, as well as different sides made of nickel-plated copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other material

Filtration grade: (filtration precision range): from 3 micron up to 10mm

Applications: used in rubber, plastics industry, grain screening etc

Applicable industries: Widely used in chemical fiber spinning, microfiber, leather, woven fabrics, color masterbatch, plastic, PVC granulation, sheet extrusion, rubber, carbon fiber, melt filtration etc.

Note: produced accurately according to customers' samples or drawings and provide samples for final approval

Screen packs:

Screen packs are spot-welded packs that have an aluminum or stainless steel border added to them to give the filter extra rigidity and strength. They are suitable for operating at high pressures or if there is a danger of contamination getting around the edge of the breaker plate.



Materials: stainless steel or galvanized wire.

Long, short, single-layered or multilayered cylindrical extruder screen available

Spot welded edge or aluminum alloy border edge



Multilayer extruder screen packs are widely use in very fine and thin extrusion process for high quality petrochemical, plastic, rubber, chemical, pharmaceutical, brewage, beverage, aeronautic industries & also in water treatment plant, mechanical, food processing industries.


Cylindrical Extruder screen

Cylindrical Extruder screen is available in single or multilayer cylindrical in spot welded edge or aluminum alloy border edge. It is durable and strong that makes the screen more effective for polymer extrusion as polyester, polyamide, polymer, plastic blown, Varnishes, paints.

Cylindrical Extruder screens are also can be used as filters to separate sand or other fine particles from water in industrial or irrigation.


Materials: stainless steel.

Long, short, single layer or multilayer cylindrical extruder screen supplied.

Spot welded edge or aluminum alloy border edge.

Cylindrical Extruder screenExtruder ScreenScreen packsExtruder Screen Packs

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