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Pad Holding Frame wire mesh

Wire mesh, also known as wire cloth or wire fabric, is a versatile metal product that can be used effectively in countless applications globally. From industrial to commercial applications, wire mesh is a common metal product that is used by many daily. Welded wire mesh with various specifications and materials are widely used for security, filter, storage, safety, guarding and protection, reinforcement, poultry and so on.

Product advantages

v Suitable for use with various filter medias

v Durable structure.

v Anti-corrosion.

v Quick and easy replacement.

v Cost Effective.


Pad Holding Frame wire mesh

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Product Description

Welded wire mesh is widely used in filter industry. It is usually used as holding mesh for pad demister, with channel frame. 


Material: Galvanized welded wire mesh, Stainless Steel welded wire mesh

Wire diameter: 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm

Mesh: 25mm, 50mm

Roll Width: 590mm, 610mm

Roll Length: 25m, 50m, 100m


International Standard

BS EN 10223


ASTM 740



The Pad Frame wire mesh offers the additional advantages that the system can be upgraded by the use of different air filter media replacement pads (Glass, Polyfoam or Synthetic), which themselves, can be stored in considerably less space than complete glass or synthetic cardboard panel air filters, thus reducing carriage costs.

Commercial buildings

Schools and universities




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