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Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

Epoxy coated wire mesh is made by steel mesh, Al-alloy mesh or stainless steel wire mesh with epoxy powder spraying. It is mainly used as support layer of hydraulic and air filters as well as doors, windows guarding, as its feature of strong corrosion resistance and acid-base resistance.

Product advantages

v Light weight.

v High tensile.

v High elongation.

v Anti-corrosion and rust.

v Excellent ventilation.

v Easy to wash and clean.


Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

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Material: made by coating the epoxy powder on the surface of stainless steel wire mesh, low carbon wire mesh or aluminum alloy mesh.

Width: 10cm, 20cm, 90cm, 36", 40", 42", 48", 60'', as your need.

Length: 100ft, 500ft, as your need.

Common colors: white, gray and black.

Common mesh size: 12x10, 16x14, 18x14 and 18x16 mesh. We can also do the other specifications according to your requirements.

Epoxy coated wire mesh roll  Epoxy coated wire mesh


1. Filter: widely used in various of air filter elements, such as used in oil, chemical, medicine, food industry. 

2. Screen: used as window Screen, doors screens to resist the bug, mosquitoes, flies and other insects in hotels, buildings and residences. 


Packed by kraft paper inside, plastic cloth outside, then put into wooden pallet or boxes. 

Epoxy coated wire mesh Packed by kraft paper inside  Epoxy coated wire mesh put into boxes

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