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Perforated Filter Pipe

Perforated filter pipe is made of mild carbon steel, aluminum steel, high quality stainless steel sheet. The process is punching, bending, rolling, welding, cutting and other processes. It is widely used for industrial filtration.

Product advantages

v High strength and firm structure.

v Perfect recyclability for filtration.

v Corrosion and rust resistance.

v Various patterns for choice.

v Durable and long service life.


Perforated Filter Pipe

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Perforated Filter Pipe Specification

Material: Mild carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum steel.

Outside diameter: 1" to 8".

Hole diameter: 0.06" to 0.5".

Hole shape: Round, square, slot.

Hole distribution: Straight line, staggered.

Open area: Up to 65%.

Wall thickness: 0.024" to 0.165".

Type: Straight pipe, spiral pipe, perforated casing pipe.

straight pipe  spiral pipe  perforated pipe

straight pipe                                                           spiral pipe                                                  perforated pipe


By carton box or as customer’s request.

Perforated Filter Pipe packing  Perforated Filter Pipe packing2


Perforated-Mesh-Screen-Filter-Tube  spiral-perforated-pipe-lock-seam

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