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Air and Liquid knitted wire mesh

Knitted mesh consists of wires of various metals or strands of other materials that have been knitted into a mesh structure—creating a matrix of interlocking loops that can move freely in the same plane without distorting the mesh. (Each loop is actually free to move in three directions, and the finished metal knit permits two-way stretch.)

In addition, each loop acts as a small spring when subjected to compressive stress. Thus, filters of compressed knitted metal mesh yield when subject to the stresses of shock and vibration—yet, depending on the construction, can immediately recover to 90% of their original size when the force is removed.

Knitted mesh is also versatile. It can be made from any metallic, nonmetallic, or combination of metallic and nonmetallic materials that can be drawn into wire. By careful selection of the combination of materials, proper filtration can be provided in corrosive atmospheres, ultra-high and cryogenic temperatures, as well as for radioactively-contaminated dust particles, oil, or other extreme operating conditions.

Product advantages

v Heat resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance and wear.

v Accurate and stable filtering rate.

v High mechanical strength .

v Easy to clean.

v Suitable for cutting, bending, stamping, drawing, welding and other processing conditions.


Air and Liquid knitted wire mesh

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product details

Air and Liquid knitted wire mesh

Wire diameter: Round wire (0.08mm-0.5mm) Flat wire(0.1x0.4mm,0.1x0.3mm,0.2x0.4mm)

 Mesh type













H68,H65,H62,Qsn,N4,N6,N7,N8,TA2,TA3,TC3,TC4, ,Incoloy, Inconel, Hastalloy, Monel.


PVC,PE,PP,PTFE(F46),FEP(F4),glass fiber


Metal mixed with nonmetal, metal mixed glass fiber


Other material is negotiable

Mesh Type


SP                                                      DP                                                    HRHP


Metal Textiles knitted wire mesh filters are used in the following applications:

HVAC Air FiltersKnitted wire meshWire mesh demister

HVAC Air Filters                                Knitted Wire Mesh                         Wire Mesh Demister

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