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Gabion mattresses

Gabion mattresses, like gabions, are wire fabric containers, uniformly partitioned, of variable size. Mattresses are relatively small in height in relation to the lateral dimension of a gabion and are generally used for channel linings. It can be filled with stone at the site of use, to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as gabion retaining walls, sea walls, channel linings, revetments and weirs for earth retention.

Product advantages

v Flexibility: a strong flexibility to adapt to the local subsidence deformation of foundation and protected body.

v Environmental friendly: the voids progressively filled with silt, promoting vegetation growth

v Permeability: The stone fill allows the water to seep through the structure

v Economy: the stones cost is low. Easy installation. And durability.


Gabion mattresses

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Gabion mattresses material:

Zinc 5% Aluminum - mixed rare earth alloy steel.

Zinc 5% Aluminum - mixed rare earth alloy steel wire PVC coated.

Hot dipped high galvanized steel wire.

PVC coated hot-dip high galvanized steel wire.

Gabion mattress specifications:

· Material: high quality low carbon steel.

· Structure: hexagonal double twist steel wire mesh or welded wire mesh

· Anti-rust treatment: Zinc - 5% Aluminum plated, hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated hot dipped galvanized.

· Height: 0.15m to 0.3m.

· Opening: 5cm × 7cm, 6cm × 8cm, 8cm × 10cm.

· Mesh wire diameter: 2mm to 2.7mm.

· Selvage wire diameter: 2.7mm to 3.4mm.

· Tie wire diameter: 2mm to 2.7mm.

· Metal coating thickness: no less than 245g/m2.

· Tensile strength: no less than 389Mpa.

· Standard: ASTM, EN or other custom standards.


There are some items for you reference:

Cell Size

8 cm × 10 cm

6 cm × 8 cm

Mesh Wire Diameter

Zinc Coated

Mesh Wire Diameter

Zinc Coated

2.7 mm

>245 g/m2

2.0 mm

>215 g/m2

Selvedge Wire Diameter

Zinc Coated

Selvedge Wire Diameter

Zinc Coated

3.4 mm

>265 g/m2

2.7 mm

>245 g/m2

Tie Wire Diameter 2.7 mm

Tie Wire Diameter 2.0 mm


Size of Gabion Cage
















Gabion mattress      Gabion mattress


Gabion reno mattresses treatment process:

Steel surface treatment using a double anti-corrosion zinc + plastic cover.

According to ASTM and EN standards, low-carbon steel wire diameter varies based on the engineering design requirements. Generally between 2.0 and 4.0 mm, the tensile strength of steel wire not less than 380 Mpa, metal coating weight is generally higher than 245 g/m2, the edge of the line generally larger than the diameter of cable diameter. The double stranded portion of length not less than 50 mm, To ensure that the twisted part of the wire metal coating and PVC coating from damage.

Gabion mattresses

We follow the major international standard in our manufacturing process.


ASTM 975 Standards:

 Style 1  Galvanized wire as per ASTM A 641, class 3 soft temper

 Style 2  Same as style 1 with extra coating with PVC. 

 Style 3  Zn-5Al or Zn-10Al coated wire as per ASTM A 856, also known as Galfan wire.


EN 10223-3 Standard:

 Galvanized wire meets EN 10244-2 and old BS 443

 Wire tensile strength is between 380N/mm2 and 550N/mm2 as per BS 1052.


Flexibility: low-carbon steel wire as a combination of structure, reno mattress has a strong flexibility to adapt to the local subsidence deformation of foundation and protected body. Reno mattresses can adjust their own healing, to prevent the continued development of the deformation.

Durability: The Reno mattress is a structure made of hexagonal woven Low carbon steel wire, with hard rock combined to form a very large overall durability.

Environmental friendly: Reno mattresses are filled with stones Meeting certain requirements to form protection structures. In the waterfront environment, the voids in the rock fill become progressively filled with silt, promoting vegetation growth which is essential to the preservation and maintenance of the ecological balance of the surrounding environment.

Permeability: The stone fill allows the water to seep through the structure while retaining the soil, therefore no additional drainage is required to relieve the hydrostatic pressures. The Reno mattress ensure natural water exchange with the natural groundwater, further strengthened the environmental effects.

Integrity: The reno mattress constituted by independent units, but between each adjacent unit has steel wire twisted, So it has good integrity.

Economy: The stones reno mattress required is gravel or pebbles, so the stones cost is low. Reno mattress construction does not require skilled labor because they are very easy to build. No drainage system, Limited construction equipment can be used. If the design and construction is reasonable, the structure is long life and no maintenance.


v River bank.         v Channel lining.                  v Foreshore foot protection. 

v Revetments.      v Spillways.                            v Weirs. 

v Stream banks.  v Sea wall.                              v Stable slopes. 

v Retaining wall.  v Highway embankments. v Railway cuttings. 

Gabion mattress      Gabion mattress

Gabion mattress      Gabion mattress


Flat bundle, 50 sets/bundle, binding with steel strape or strands, some rolls. Customer's suggestions are accepted with pleasure.

Gabion mattresses      Gabion mattresses

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