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Reinforced Gabions Road Mesh

Hexagonal road mesh is engineering from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh, with transverse rods are woven into the mesh at 245 mm intervals, which can effectively tension the hexagonal road mesh and therefore prevent the deformation of road.

Product advantages

v High loading capacity.

v Corrosion and rust resistance.

v Easy to install and transport.

v Three dimensional structure.


Reinforced Gabions Road Mesh

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Product Description

Hexagonal road mesh is a single layer of high strength biaxial reinforcement mesh. Its three dimensional structure allows the the road paving connection layers to link together, ensuring an interaction that permits an immediate and excellent transfer of road paving load to the reinforcement mesh.

Reinforced Gabions Road Mesh Hexagonal road mesh

 Hexagonal road mesh

Regular type

Heavy duty

Diameter (woven wire)

2.20 mm

2.45 mm

Diameter (flat wire)

6.5 × 2.0 mm

7.0 × 3.0 mm


200 kN/mm2

200 kN/mm2

Mesh size

118 × 80 mm

118 × 80 mm

Distance between the reinforced wires, rods and double twisted wire

245 mm

245 mm

Length per roll





50 m

2.00 m

100 mm2

130 kg

173 kg

50 m

3.00 m

150 mm2

195 kg

260 kg

50 m

3.30 m

165 mm2

215 kg

285 kg

50 m

4.00 m

200 mm2

260 kg

345 kg


Application and function:

1.    Polyester geogrid can only help to inhibit reflective cracking, whereas hexagonal wire mesh additionally structurally reinforces pavement, there for it is suitable for road innovation by resurfacing, but also for new-road build construction as foundation, for road widening project.

2.    Hexagonal road mesh could be used for asphalt, concrete, turf pavements.

3.    Hexagonal road mesh can be used for heavy, normal and light traffic road to prevent presence of reflected cracks and prolong the road service life, provide driver comfortable driving experience.

4.    Hexagonal road mesh is suitable for equestrian purpose, such as stables, day yard, arenas, and other high use areas where horses would otherwise turn gravel and sand to mud in no time.

5.    It suits for a wide range of application from private driveway, mine access road to airplane road as long as for a road structural reinforcement purpose.

Hexagonal road mesh  Reinforced Gabions Road Mesh

Gabions Road Mesh  Gabions Road Mesh

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