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Gabion Mesh

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Gabion box is the most ideal material for slope stabilization, erosion control, channel lining and reinforcing, bank protection, earthwork structural unit, etc.. After filled with rocks, gabion box can be placed to the project site for forming structures, for retaining walls, for commercial, industrial and road projects. The construction of double twisted hexagonal wire mesh reinforced by the selvedges of heavier wire makes gabion box a flexible yet be able to keep it shape.The rectangular shape welded wire mesh gabion enables the gabion build a regular in any project site. Pre-assembled gabion units for fast installation save tremendous workforce and time, which will benefit the project process a lot.

Product advantages

v Simple construction, flexible, corrosion resistant 

v The silt between the wire mesh and stone contributes to plant growth.

v The gabion wire mesh is folding and can be assembled site, which saves on transport cost.