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3D Wire Panels

3D wire panels, also called EPS 3D mesh panels, it is a prefabricated three Dimensional Lightweight Structural panel consisting of a super-insulated polystyrene core sandwiched between two engineered layers of Steel Welded Wire Fabric Mesh. To complete the panel form process a Steel wire truss is pierced completely through the polystyrene core and welded to each of the outer layer sheets of Steel welded wire fabric mesh.

Product advantages

v  Light weight: less than 4kg/m2.

v  Good load-bearing

v Heat insulation and warm-keeping

v Reliable steel mesh structure

v  Environmentally friendly


3D Wire Panels

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3D panel is a new wire mesh products, mainly used in construction. It's high tensile and is easy to install and these features make 3d wire mesh panels very popular by world construction customers. 

Nowadays, because the requirement of building insulation, flame retardance, insulation hanging system become very strictly, EPS mesh panel always is one of major application.



3D wire panel structure details after shotcrete


1. The outer layer of shotcrete.

2. Welded reinforcing mesh of high wire.

3. The expanded polystyrene sheet core.

4. Diagonal wire (stainless or galvanized wire).

5. The inner layer of shotcrete.

Two main kinds of 3D wire panels:


 3D Wire Panels      3D Wire Panels

      Type A                                                                                               Type B



 1. In the construction of residential buildings, 3 - 5 storey residential buildings; 3D panels are made into all the basic building blocks of buildings, walls, floors, roof, stairs.

2. Public buildings, clubs, entertainment facilities, sports halls, farmhouses.

3. Commercial, industrial and administrative buildings.

4. Individual warm pools.

5. Sound-absorbing and protecting fences.

6. Warehouses and vegetable store.

7. Storage containers including tanks.

8. Architectural complex forms.

9. Barges and docks.

 3D Wire Panels      3D Wire Panels

  3D Wire Panels      3D Wire Panels  

3D Panels Specifications:


Mesh wire:

2-2.8mm galvanized or non galvanized.

Mesh opening(mm) :

50 x 50, 75 x 75 and 100 x 100.

Truss wire:

2-2.8mm galvanized or non galvanized.



Panel length:

2400mm, 3000mm and 6000mm.

EPS Insulation Core:


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