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Euro Fence

Euro style welded wire fence Roll is a special design for fencing purpose. It is original from Europe and becomes very popular all over the world. It is ideal for private garden, parking lot, landscaping closure and so on. It is the perfect fencing products for its easily installation, low cost and good appearance.

 The features of Euro Fence are crimped horizontal wire and reinforced selvedge at the top and bottom. It is considerate that our horizontal wire is properly crimped for the rain drop to fall easily. We have PVC coated type and hot dipped type available in our stock. Dark Green (RAL 6005) is the common color.

Euro  Fence      Euro  Fence

Product advantages

v Economic

v Nice looking

v Easy installation

v Easy to cut


Euro Fence

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euro fence

Euro Fence, also called holland fence/dutch mesh/wave welded mesh, garden fence or road fence. It is a kind of most common type of economic fencing.


· black mild steel wire

· galvanized wire

Surface Treatment: PVC, PE or PP powder coated, electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized.

Weaving and Characteristic:
The warp bended beforehand is welded with the weft with the surface treated by galvanizing, hot-galvanizing, PVC coating, PVC plating and they have such characteristics as beautiful appearance, smooth mesh, firm welding, good beforehand bending property, steadiness, good anticorrosion and resistance to aging.

Wire Diameter Mesh(Inch)    Mesh (mm)
2.0mm-3.5mm 2" x 2" 50mm x50mm
2" x 3" 50mm x 75mm
2" X 4" 50mm x 100mm
Special specifications are available
Common Height for fencing: 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m


Installation of the Euro Fence

1.Measure the length on the ground, normally is 15m or 30m same length as the euro fence roll. We make 15m length of euro fence as an example. Dig holes every 3 linear meter. Need to make sure the line of these holes are straight, we can not change the direction after setting up the swallow tail post.

2.Setting up the swallow tail post into the holes in every 3 linear meters and fill the earth into the edge of the holes. Need to make sure the swallow post is strong enough and won’t move even we try to move it.

3.Open the euro fence roll to a 15 linear meter straight panel and stand it up.

4.After standing the euro fence panel up to the post, set up the U clips with a special tool which we will provide with the fence. Make sure the U clips are locked the vertical wire of the fence panel on to the swallow tail post. The distance of the U clips are 200mm ~ 300mm according to different height.

5.Install the post rain cap on the top of the post in the end. If the height of euro fence is difficult to touch the post top, please install the post cap first before we set up the post.

If calculating the distance of post carefully, it is possible to dig all holes first, then setting up all euro fence panels next. This will increase the installation speed a lot. If the ground is concrete instead of earth, we need to use the swallow tail post with flange plate, installing the post with anchor bolts in to the ground


Fence roll: the plastic film

Swallow tail post, steel pallets

Accessories: carton box

(1) In Bulk: all euro fence roll and swallow tail post and fittings loaded in bulk. This will save some cost but will crash the surface (do not suggest)
(2) Plastic Film + Steel Pallet: plastic film wrapped then loaded on steel pallets, accessories loaded in carton box, all stuffs be protected very well. (suggested)

euro fence application

Euro fence widely used for fencing or enclosure in the highway, railway, airport, housing area, garden, park, etc.

euro fence      euro fence

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