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Crowd Control Barrier

Crowd control barrier is made of high quality carbon steel frame and then hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated. The corrosive resistant surface ensures the long service life.

Crowd control barrier is designed to meet the required safety standard to govern the large public

events. It has a much smaller scale and can be linked together to form a small barrier for any area

which the access is forbidden. The crowd control barrier is stronger than what you think. The links can’t be disconnected easily, so it can assure nobody can enter into the forbidden areas.

Crowd control barrier consists in the crowd barrier, feet, interlock system and other accessories.

Product advantages

v hot dipped galvanized available

v galvanized + powder spray available

v economic products

v easy installation

v customer specs available


Crowd Control Barrier

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The outer frames and the upright frames are all made of high quality carbon steel frame. The upright frames are fully inserted into the frame before welding, so they can supply the extraordinary strength. They will be hot dipped galvanized or powder coated after welded.  

Crowd control barrier can be hot dipped galvanized and powder coated.

Hot dipped galvanized crowd barrier has best corrosive and rust resistance. The maximum zinc coated weight can be 400g/ m2, which can be a durable surface for the crowd barrier.

The powder coated crowd control barrier has various colors to make the crowd control barrier more attractive. The common color is black, orange and other colors are available. Besides, the powder coated crowd control barrier is smooth, protective and wear resistant.

Panel size

2.1x1.1m,2.4x1.2m, 2.5x1.2m etc..

Frame tube size

25x1.5mm, 38x1.5mm etc

Inner tube size

20x1.2mm, 16x1.2mm,19x1.2mm


140mm, 200mm etc..

Surface treatment

hot dipped galvanized

hot dipped galvanized then powder coated

Crowd Control BarrierCrowd Control Barrier  

Hot dipped galvanized crowd control barrier have a outstanding corrosive resistance surface.

Powder coated crowd control barrier has various color for choice.


Crowd barrier feet system

Crowd control barrier has various feet types, the main types are fixed and detachable. The detachable feet can be bridge, flat and other special types. The detachable feet can reduce the space and easy to transport and ship.


Flat feet are the best choice for situations where pedestrians will be walking or queueing parallel to the barrier.

Bridge feet are the best choice for uneven surface where the crowds may push against the barrier.

The two bridge feet can be the same size, also the different size is available. Bridge feet with a large and a small one are ideal for the corner barrier, they can cross each other to be used in the corners.

Fixed method. It uses bolts and nuts to fix the feet and barrier. Also it can be used the gravity pin to fix the feet and barrier. The gravity pin is used on the heavy duty steel crowd control barrier.


Crowd Control Barrier     Crowd Control Barrier   Crowd Control Barrier        

Crowd control barrier bridge feet.  Crowd control barrier flat feet.        Crowd control barrier fixed feet.

Crowd Control Barrier       Crowd Control Barrier 

        The bridge feet can be same size and                     The different size bridge feet can cross each

other  different size                         to form a corner.

Crowd Control Barrier       Crowd Control Barrier 

We commonly use the bolts and nuts to fix                    The gravity pin is used on the heavy duty steel

the barrier to the feet.                           crowd control barrier.


Crowd control barrier interlock system


The crowd control barrier interlock system uses the industry standard hook and half-loop fastening. The interlock system can lock barriers in place and prevent one barrier from being removed from a continuous line of barrier.

The hook is a minium 5/8” diameter rod welded through main frame at both end or middle position. The hook can be one units and two units. When there are two units interlock system, the top hook should be angled about 30° to prevent frames from being lifted out the position.

Crowd Control Barrier            Crowd Control Barrier


Crowd Control BarrierCrowd Control BarrierCrowd Control Barrier 

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