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Peach post

Peach post, as its name says, the outer shape is similar to the peach. The peach post is manufactured from low carbon steel or hot rolled steel pipe and then being cold roll formed into peach post. The outer surface of peach post is oval, the inner sheet is bent outward after connecting to form U shape hooking part. Several notches are set along the two sides of peach post for convenient installation of metal fence panel. The notch sizes should be based on the fence panel mesh size. Additional, the hook part has a tight structure, which can prevent the peach post and fence panel from being stolen. 

Product advantages

v High strength

v Corrosion and rust resistance

v Various colors

v Anti-theft

v Simple structure

v Weather resistance


Peach post

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1. Materials: low carbon steel or hot rolled steel pipe.

2. Post size: 70 mm × 100 mm, 70 mm × 50 mm.

3. Post thickness: 0.8 mm – 2 mm.

4. Post length: according to the fence height and specific applications.


peach post     peach post 


Advantages of peach post:

1. High strength. The high quality low carbon steel or hot rolled steel is high tensile strength to withstand the high wind and external impact.

2. Corrosion and rust resistance. No matter the galvanization, PVC coating or the powder spraying can supply excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance for the peach post.

3. Various colors. The PVC coating and powder spraying can be made into any colors based on the RAL colors to suit more applications, blend with surrounding environments and make the peach post beautiful and colorful.

4. Anti-theft. The U clips are bending inward of the peach post, when the wire mesh panels are installed onto the post, there is little spaces for thief prying and protect the fence post and metal fence panels' security.

5. Simple structure. There is no any clips or bolts and nuts need when installing the wire mesh fence panel. So it is easy and fast installation.

6. Weather resistance. The rain cap of peach post can prevent the rains and snow from corroding the inner surface of peach post. And the outstanding coating can help peach post bearing the weather corrosion.

Anti-corrosion treatment of peach post:

1. Galvanized.

2. Powder spraying.

peach post     peach post 

Installation of peach post:

Other wire mesh fence post, such as round post, square post and star picket, which will install all the posts in advance and then fasten the metal fence panels onto the fence post. The peach post installation steps are different from them.

1. You should prepare pliers, wire mesh panel and fence post.

2. Fix one peach post on the ground. You can embedded the peach post in the earth, concrete in or bolt down onto the concrete or other hard ground. All depends on the specific applications.

3. Cut the meshes along the peach post to match all of the fence panels to the peach post.

4. Install the other side of the fence panel to another peach post.

5. Fix the peach post onto the ground.

6. Connect another fence panel to the peach post...

7. One by one, until all the fences and peach posts are completed installed.

peach post 

Types of peach post:

1. Straight peach post.

2. Bending peach post.

3. Y type peach post.

peach post     peach post 

Accessories of peach post:

1. Fence cap. Fence cap can protect peach post from being corroded by rain, snows and other weather elements.

2. Crank arms. The peach post can be installed with single crank arm or double crank arms. The single crank arms are used for installing the separate fence panels or barbed wire. The double crank arms are used for installing razor wire.

peach post     peach post

peach post     peach post 

Fixation of peach post:

1. Embedded method. The peach post can be embedded into earth or other soft ground for fixation.

2. Concrete-in method. Place the peach post into the hole and then pour the concrete into the hole to fasten the peach post. It is suitable for the hard surface.

3. Bolt-down method. Dig holes on the concrete, brick or other hard ground and then fasten the peach post onto the ground by bolts and nuts. All the bolts and nuts are corrosion and rust resistance treated for longer service life and stable structure.


Applications of peach post:

1. Railway security fence.

2. Airport security fence.

3. Residences security fence.

4. Prison security fence.

5. Garden fence.

6. Factory security fence.

7. Farmland security fence.

peach post     peach post 


Plastic film, then in pallet or wooden case.

peach post     peach post

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