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Light Type Expanded Metal Plaster Mesh

Light type expanded metal mesh is widely used as a reinforcing material, especially for the plastering work, so it also be referred to as stucco netting. As it is manufactured from sheet steel blade which cuts through and uniformly stretched in cells with a diamond shape, it has no bends or welds, and is very strong and durable. It is the perfect combination of qualities such as strength and flexibility and light weight.

Product advantages

v Light weight type, but has high strength.

v Strong adhesion stress, good crack resistance and shockproof.

v Easy to cut and bend according to your need.

v Can be used in plastering and tiling works on virtually any surface


Light Type Expanded Metal Plaster Mesh

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Materials: cold-rolled metal sheet - galvanized or uncoated. If you want to prevent rust stains and corrode, please choose the galvanized sheet.
Thickness: 0.5mm - 1.6mm, can be adjusted depend on properties of the finished plaster mesh.
Opening mesh size: 5x10mm, 15 × 7mm, 20 × 8mm, 30 × 12mm, 40 × 16mm, 45 × 17mm, 50 × 18mm, etc., can be made as your requests.
Roll height: 1.0m - 2.5m, as requests.
Roll length: 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, as requests.

Light type expanded metal mesh  Light type expanded metal mesh roll

Expanded metal rolls with small mesh                     Light type plaster expanded metal roll


Compared with the welded and woven wire mesh, the structure of expanded metal mesh is complete and stable, so it is easier to install and transport. Besides, unlike fiberglass cloth, expanded mesh has absolute flame retardancy, durability, resistance to harsh environment and water resistance.

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